We love customizing stuff for you – feel free to ask for a quote here!

If you’d like something something custom-cut or made from scratch and we can do it, then we will make it happen for you.

All we need is an idea of what you would like, 3d drawings would be great, but if you do not have drawings then we will draw the item/s for you anyway.

We work with an assortment of materials: Wood, Bamboo, Plywood, Birch Ply, Tufnol, Perspex, Plastics, Carbon Fibre, Aluminium, Leather….

We can produce: Funky, Art-deco and slightly traditional Lampshades, Desks, Furniture, Signs, Displays, Chairs, etc…..

So, we dare you to put us to the test and give us a call on 021 555 2832 or email us at sales@cuttingroom.co.za.

Looking forward to the challenge, from all of us at the CNC cutting room.

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