Decorative front porch cut-out between door and corner (flower box cut for her, a jumble of bones for him) price depends on size of home
12 months manufacturers guarantee
R0.00 Neg – depends mainly on size you need

Length: 750cm + Veranda: 750cm
Width: 600cm
Height: 800cm
Door width: 300cm




Height 1000mm, Width 824mm, Length 1100mm (sizes can be adjusted to your requirements, we foresee 3 different sizes S, M, L)
• 100% waterproof
• Dog can still see outside his stoep by lying on the porch but will not get wet
• Hinged roof for easy cleaning (whole roof lifts like car bonnet)
• Flea and bug proof – non-porous
• Perspex side window, ocean views! (can be on either side of home)
• Durable and strong Birch plywood, sealed with Jotun sealer (similar to hard car paint, not DIY)
• Standard colour, natural wood, sealed or WHITE – can be painted
• Built in drainage gap from front porch to inside for rain to not leak into master bedroom
• Available with self-regulating heating pad (specially designed) for cold winter nights


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